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 *self geschreven* Fiddleguide Engels

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PostSubject: *self geschreven* Fiddleguide Engels   Tue Jun 22, 2010 2:09 pm

1) (Small) introduction
2) Why Fiddlesticks?
3) Pre-game
4) In-game

1. Introduction
Hi people, I am Lacker and I have played around 850 games, this is my first guide, and my main is Fiddlesticks, so why not!?

2. Why Fiddlesticks?
It is a great character, some say he's OP (overpowered), but I disagree. In early game he has some great harassing skills. He can CC (crowd control) for a few seconds. Also Fiddlesticks has great early game skills like life drain, makes you stay in your lane much longer. And of course his ultimate, which is great, just pick a good spot, ult and boooom triple kill! I've played 55 games with Fiddlesticks and got 75 double kills with Fiddle, 15 triple kills and 4 quadra kills and 1 penta kill, was installing the record program just when I had that penta kill, what a shame…. So you know why to pick Fiddlesticks? Wink

High AoE damage
Great harassing abilities
Silence ability
Good CC
Able to lane really long

A bad auto-attack, not able to do much without mana
Long cooldowns,
Low Movement speed, only 300 (without masteries and buffs)
Only 8 armor at level 1

3. Pre-game
I will talk about runes, masteries and about summoner spells.
With runes you can take every caster rune page (if you got one). Here's a good rune page: 9 Greater Glyphs of Potency, 9 Greater Seals of Replenishment, 9 Greater Marks of Insight and 3 Greater Quintessence’s of Fortitude. This will bring you to: 97.2 HP, 8.5 Magic Penetration, 3.7 Mana Regen, and 8.9 Ability Power.
Masteries, this is what my mastery page looks like: (works fine)

OFFENSE: (9/30)
3/3-Archmage's Savvy
1/1-Archais Knowledge

DEFENSE: (0/30)

UTILITY (21/30)
1/3-Good Hands
1/1-Blink of an Eye
1/1-Presence of the Master

You can go for Nimbleness instead of Archaic Knowledge but I prefer Archaic Knowledge

Summoner Spells:
You can stay in your lane longer because you have drain, but... What about your mana? If you're low on mana, you can't drain. So take Clarity and much less mana problems. (and your laning mate will be happy 2 Wink)

Great to escape, dodge stuns, go through trees. But maybe the best use of this skill is with your ult, if the enemies are not close enough to get them with the teleport of your ult, just cast and flash and you'll be there Wink

4. In-game
This is probably the part you’ve been reading this guide for. I’ll start with the item build

Amplifying tome->Mejai’s Soulstealer

Boots of Speed

(At this part, the order isn’t really important)

->Upgrade Boots of Speed into Sorcerer’s shoes (if you got 750 gold already)

->Ruby crystal (If you got 475 gold)

(The order is more important now)

Sapphire Crystal

Upgrade Sapphire Crystal & Ruby Sapphire into Catalyst the Protector.

Blasting Wand

Upgrade Catalyst the Protector and Blasting Wand into Rod of Ages.

Now there are 3 options which to buy first, this all depends on your gold.

->Blasting Wand (if you have 860 gold)

->Amplifying Tome (If you have 435 gold)

->Giant’s Belt (If you have 1110 gold)

Get these three items in the order you prefer.

Upgrade those Items into Rylai’s Crystal Scepter

At this point the game has probably already finished.

The following items really depend on how your game is going.
Having opponents that nuke you when you show up? Get an Abyssal Scepter or maybe another Rod of Ages for some extra defense.
Having opponents that don’t give a thing about you and your ult? Just go for Zhonya’s ring.
Fighting against tanks? Get a Void Staff.

Why these items? Simple… As a Fiddlesticks, you need a lot of Ability Power to make your ult strong. But when you go into team fights with your ult, 9 out of 10 times the enemy will try to focus you, I’m not saying that you have to initiate team fights, but when they hear your ult and that laughing girl, they know you are there doing a lot of damage. That’s why you need some HP! :-)

Skill order
1. E
2. W
3. E
4. Q
5. E
6. R
7. E
8. W
9. E
10. W
11. R
12. W
13. W
14. Q
15. Q
16. R
17. Q
18. Q

I think E is just very good for harassing and that bird deals a lot of damage.
Why W first and Q later?
You can take Q first and level it instead of W. But I prefer the drain it heals a lot and does a lot of damage, it’s just good if you haven’t got anything to do in a team fight (^^) just when your ult is over and you have used your E skill and already feared somebody, just drain a guy for 6 seconds and heal yourself with it. It’s also great if you’ve got to recall, just drain a minion and you are almost full HP again. But take the fear if you want :-)
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*self geschreven* Fiddleguide Engels
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